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Talent Contest

Talent contest

American Legion Events

The public is welcome to visit the American Legion Post #452, located at 337 W Day Street, which will be open 11:00 A.M.-midnight on Friday & Saturday during Stanton Old Fashioned Days. On Friday, a Ribeye Steak and Baked Potato Dinner will be served from 5 P.M.-7 P.M. for $12. A Party Under the Stars will take place both Friday and Saturday, from 8 P.M.-12 P.M. The Messin Around Band will be playing in the outside picnic area. There will be a $3 cover charge. All beverages must be purchased inside. Mixed drinks are only available at the main bar. Beer will be available at both bars.

The Legion is located at 337 W DAY ST

Sound and Entertainment

Thanks to Montcalm Public Radio for their mobile studio
for Old Fashioned Days Stage and Entertainment.
You can listen to WDLP-FM 93.1 online 24/7  at

2017 Pageant Contest

2017 pageant contest
6:00-9:00 p.m. Thursday Miss Stanton, Jr. Miss Stanton, Duke and Duchess, Prince and Princess Pageant.

Ultimate Air Dogs

Ultimate Air Dogs at Stanton Old Fashioned Days
You will want to set aside some time this weekend to watch the Ultimate Air Dogs!  Love dogs, this is the event for you. Ultimate Air Dogs was founded in 2005 by Retired Detroit Tiger Pitcher Milt Wilcox and his son Brian Wilcox who often attend the events.  The Ultimate air Dogs travel all over to put on this Family Friendly show. Go to to watch a video of the dogs performing the runs, jumps and splashes.  A large pool with a dock will be set up on Camburn St on the south side of Main Street. You can bring your dog down to compete too. If your dog can swim, loves to fetch, loves the water, bring them down to fly.  Practice times are available. Big or small, experienced and amateur dogs will run the dock and jump off to make the longest jump, catch the thrown object or grab the target. This event will be going on over three days. Free to watch bring your lawn chair and enjoy the show. Starting Friday, Aug. 10th. competitions will be at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Then Aug 11th. Saturday at 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 and Aug 12th. Sunday at 11:00, 1:00 and finals at 3:00. Hosted by Stanton Old Fashioned Days. You may email Sheila. Food vendors and Merchandise vendors will be available all days of this event.  

Krantz Garden

Krantz Garden's Stanton MichiganThe Krantz garden is a hidden oasis in the heart of Stanton. Stanton Old Fashioned Days would like to thank the Krantz’s for opening up their beautiful private gardens to the public for this weekend. Be sure to allot a good amount of time to tour the vast Krantz Garden. Anyone with a love of gardening or flowers won’t want to miss this opportunity. The Krantz’s famous gardens, located at 300 N. Mill St. will be open 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday during the festival; the community is invited to spend some time enjoying the beauty of nature. Look for the signs at the garden entrance letting you know it is open for a visit. Looking for a project to keep them busy, the Krantz’s garden was first started in 1996 with a couple of beds in their front yard. Without a lot of gardening experience the Krantz’s started out as self-proclaimed, “trial and error gardeners,” learning as they went. In 1997 they purchased the lots behind their house, which, at the time, contained a large vegetable garden. Their original plan was to continue growing vegetables, but by the end of each summer the garden was full of weeds. Around this time they also began planting flowers on some of the hills behind their house that were difficult to mow. As time went on and their gardens continued to expand and grow, the Krantz’s learned the importance of mulching and planting the perennials close together to help control weeds. By the spring of 2000, the Krantz’s little hobby of gardening had turned into a full blown addiction and the vegetable garden was officially turned into a flower garden, complete with grass paths. The Krantz’s garden is always changing and evolving and each year something new is added. Their first garden walk was in 2001 and they have been the talk of the town ever since. They were even featured in a summer issue of County Garden Magazine. It’s always fun to share the garden with the many people who stop by to visit, said Loren, however, they realize they are just planters of what God has created.

Setting Up Chairs

Central Montcalm Football team setting up stage
Central Montcalm Hornets Football team sets up the chairs for the main stage.
Thanks to many years of service for helping Old Fashioned Days

Sound System

Thanks to these gentlemen and their efforts in 2007 to give Downtown Stanton sound from the Heartland Trail to the Courthouse. Pictured is Richard Hotchkiss, Carl Chapin, Jamey Nichols, and Damon Davis. We continue to use this system with thanks to the City of Stanton.